Paid and Free Legal Directories (2022)

We hope this legal directory article will help you get closer to to the web and search visibility, traffic, leads, and clients that you desire.

What is a Law Directory?

A law or legal directory is a website focused on listing law firms and attorney websites. Sites may be listed generally, by practice area, geography, or some combination of these or other factors.

Should you submit your website to a legal directory?

Yes, you should submit your website to multiple legal directories–the question is which ones. A law firm can gain multiple benefits from directory listings:

  • increased visibility. Your website showing up on 3rd party sites with legal content can help with law firm and attorney awareness, clicks, leads, and possibly even knew clients. Some potential clients may believe that visibility, whether on a directory or in Google results, is a signal or inference of quality.
  • make sure that search engines know that your law firm exists (discovery by webcrawl). Do you get zero traffic from organic search engines? Is your site new? Are you in search indexes? Try searching “site:[yourdomain.extension]” in Google. If your site does not appear then you may need some links.
  • improved site reputation. All things being equal, the website with the best link profile will rank highest in search engines for a given keyword theme. Links provide signals for search engines regarding content topic, relevance for a set of topics, and strength of the referral (also known as link equity, link juice, page rank, and probably other terms). While one link is highly unlikely, depending on a lot of factors, to make a significant impact on your search performance, more relevant, incoming links are better. Just ask around.

Paid directories vs free directories

What is the difference between a paid directory and a free directory? The difference is the business model. Getting listed will either cost you money or information–this is not an allegation that free directories do something devious, questionable, or unethical with your information. Listing attorneys or law firms for free can 1) improve the listing website’s search visibility, 2) grow an audience to market its services, or 3) drive advertising revenue.

Is a free directory better than a paid one? It depends. A free link incoming link from a website with relevant content is good for business. There is also a list of questions that you will do well to consider:

  • What are your law firm’s marketing goals?
  • How would this listing support your goals?
  • Does the paid site drive traffic that may be interested in your services?
  • How likely are visitors to that site to see your listing?
  • How strong is that listing website?
  • How much is the fee?
  • Are your competitors listed there?
  • How much can you afford for marketing?

Paid Directories

While we will not allege that ours is THE best legal directory online (yet), we will have our directory ranks drives a bit of traffic, has relatively few listings, and is super affordable. Also this is our list. It’s a human edited family law directory with listings by practice area (adoption attorneys, child custody attorneys, divorce attorneys, child support attorneys, injury attorneys, and criminal lawyers).

Cost: $24.99/yr review fee

Boutique web directory with limited listings per category page. Categories for criminal, family, maritime, patent, and personal injury attorneys. Shares ownership with

Cost: $25/2 months; $99/yr

Alphalegal Directory

The Alphalegal Directory is a directory of attorneys and legal resources. The directory was started by an attorney in 1997 and was re-launched in May of 2016 with over 100,000 attorney listings.

Cost: Free (Basic)
        $49/365 days per listing (Gold plan)
        $19 /365 days per listing (Silver Plan)

All Good Lawyers

The website lists lawyers in professional legal categories and features over 2000 free legal forms for download and helps you gain free legal self help.

Cost: $30 per month (home page link)
        $30 per year (standard directory listing)
        $120 per year (full page sponsored listing)

Attorney at Law Magazine

Attorney at Law Magazine is a tightly focused business-to-business trade magazine providing industry-focused information to private practice attorneys. Since 2009, Attorney at Law Magazine has interviewed the best attorneys nationwide and they bring you their recommended attorneys in Local Legal Authorities.

Cost: $79/Month or $750/Year (Local Legal Authority)
        Custom (Local Legal Authority+) is an expert resource designed to help the visitors better understand the law, make more educated decisions, find the right attorney and be prepared to work with their attorney. Their national directory of attorneys lists attorneys who focus their practice on particular areas of law.

Cost: $499/Per Year

Attorney Yellow Pages is the United States Premier online Attorney Directory that eliminates the clutter and immediately allows you to find a lawyer. Using this Attorney directory, you are three easy steps away from hiring a lawyer of your choice to bring you legal information and legal services.

Cost: Free (Basic)
        $200/Year or $25 /Month (Featured)


Avvo was founded in 2006 in Seattle. Avvo helps people research, find, and connect with the right lawyer by providing transparent information, client reviews, and profiles for 97% of practicing lawyers in the United States. 

Cost: Free (Avvo Starter)
        Contact for current pricing (Avvo Advanced and Avvo Elite)

Best Lawyers

Best Lawyers® is the oldest and most respected peer-review publication in the legal profession. A listing in Best Lawyers is widely regarded by both clients and legal professionals as a significant honor, conferred on a lawyer by his or her peers.

Cost: $30/month  directory provides lawyer, services and legal aid profiles by location and legal issues. Whatever your legal issue, the lawyer directory will simplify researching, comparing, and contacting lawyers that best fit your legal needs in your state, county or state.

Cost: $249/year is a large Internet directory of law firms, law organizations, law institutions, lawyers, solicitors and barristers. Dilawctory Law Directory gives law firms and organizations websites extra presentation on the Internet.

Cost: Free listing (takes up to 9 months to be approved)
        $14.95 for unlimited period of time (Express listing)
        $99.95/year (Premium listing)


DirectoryUsaLawyers is an online directory of lawyers in the USA. The types of lawyers include Criminal lawyers, attorney at law, Lawyers for immigration, Dui Attorney, Defence Attorney, Medical Malpractice attorney and others.

Cost: Free (Regular, not guaranteed. May be reviewed in about 9 months)
        $29.95/year (Featured)


A Thomson Reuters business, FindLaw is a leading provider of online legal information for consumers and small businesses. Since 1996 has provided in-depth articles, news, case law, and statutes on a wide variety of legal topics and practice areas. 

Cost: $158/month (Premium Profile)


"Search our Worldwide network of LGBT-friendly rated Lawyers." primary heading and a button that says "Find My attorney"

GayLawNet helps search legal articles and meet local attorneys who are gay or gay-friendly with experience in a wide variety of legal matters, including personal injury, civil litigation, family law and immigration matters.

Cost: $4.99/month or $30/year (Basic)
          $10/month or $60/year (Featured)
          $17/month or $99/year (Premium)

Getlegal Lawyer Directory

Getlegal Lawyer Directory features detailed profiles of attorneys from across the United States who can be searched by city, state, or legal issue. 

Cost: Regular Price: $39, $19/month for first year (Silver)
        Regular Price: $79,  $39/month for first year (Gold)
        Regular Price: $119,  $359/month for first year (Platinum)

Global Law Directories

Global Law Directories are worldwide law directories providing facility for self-listing by law professionals, which can be searched by prospective clients looking for legal help. The website offers a wide range of facilities to search or browse Law Professionals by location, category or the areas of practice.

Cost: Free (Basic)
        $40/Year (Premium)

Global Law Firms is the geographic hub for the leading worldwide network of law firm websites. The network covers most major metro cities throughout the world.

Cost: To be consulted

Help Lawyer

Help Lawyer is a Legal Directory that actively utilizes skills in content marketing to drive new business and leads to its member Legal Firms and Lawyers. Lawyers, Law Firms and Legal Marketing Agencies use the directory to reach new potential clients by amplifying legal content and increasing the law firms online exposure.

Cost: $120/Year (Local citation)
        $199/Year (Premium) is one of the oldest and largest non-subscription legal information sites that was launched in 1995 by Lex Mundi, the world’s leading network of independent law firms, and its founder, Steve McGarry. Its purpose is to make information about lawyers, law firms, and the law easily and freely accessible to the legal profession, businesses, and consumers.

Cost: Free (Basic)
        $195 – $795 with $100/year for each additional office (Premium)


iLawConnect has been one of the leading online platforms for finding and connecting with legal professionals such as lawyers and law firms, expert witnesses and consultants and other legal support services.

Cost: Free (Basic)
        $279/Year (Professional)

Just Great Lawyers

The website helps find Attorneys by specialty or location using advanced search tools and find the right Attorney for your needs by comparing quotes, reviews, and full profiles on each Attorney.

Cost: Free (Basic)
        $19.99/month or $199.99/year (Featured)
        $29.99/month or $299.99/year (Premium)

The website helps search local attorneys and law firms by specialty or location, learn more about them by comparing quotes, reviews, and full profiles of each lawyer and contact them.

Cost: Free (Basic)
        $9.99/month (Featured)
        $19.99/month (Premium)


LawInfo, a Thomson Reuters business, provides consumers with a directory of Lead Counsel Verified attorneys they can connect with. LawInfo also offers a wide variety of free legal resources, including articles covering different practice areas to help you understand the basics of the law and videos that walk you through the law and what to expect when you meet with an attorney.

Cost: Quote to be requested


Founded in 2007, LawLink is the first and largest online network of attorneys. LawLink consists of three separate networks: The Attorney Network, The Expert Witness Network and The Atty Support Network (Court Reporters, Investigators, etc.)

Cost: Contact for premium placement

Law.Net is the oldest attorney directory services on the Internet, started in 1994, that aggressively promotes positive online identities for attorneys. 

Cost: Quote to be requested?


At present LawTally allows you to browse the profiles of 58,8,62 lawyers and counting, complete with their qualification, field of expertise, years of experience, previous cases handled, success stories, and their contact details. These lawyers have been categorized into 112 different work areas such as appeals lawyer, business lawyer, family lawyer, civil rights lawyer and so on.

Cost: $80/month (Diamond)
        $20/month (Elite)
        $10/month (Standard)

Launched in 2009 and with offices in Basking Ridge, NJ and Easton, PA, provides a ​targeted experience for consumers ​urgently needing a qualified and interested lawyer. ​

Cost: Contact for custom plans helps you find the lawyer you need near you by location or practice area.

Cost: Free (Basic)
        $25/year (Professional)
        $20/month (Premium)

Lawyer Legion

In addition to a robust lawyer profile page, Lawyer Legion publishes helpful information about the benefits of legal associations and certification programs for lawyers.

Cost: Free (Basic)
          $49/month or $399/year (Enhanced Profile)

Lawyer Land

Lawyer Land helps contact over 100 lawyers with a single request and finds the best lawyer at the best price.

Cost: $15/month per practice area (Giga)
        $25/month per practice area (Tera) is a free service from Martindale-Hubbell, publishers of lawyer and law firm directories since 1868. The directory provides instant access to reviews and information for over 1 million attorneys in the United States.

Cost: Contact for details

Lawyers Directory USA

Lawyers Directory USA carries a comprehensive database of different lawyers as well as their respective areas of expertise. They have separate categories for legal firms and individual lawyers and it is possible to search for the relevant attorney or legal firm based on their specialties and the geographic area where they are located.

Cost: $25/year (Silver)
        $50/year (Gold)
        $99/year (Diamond)

Legal Directories, the official web site for Legal Directories Publishing Company, Inc., one of the leading legal publishers in the country, has been publishing state legal directories since 1935 and has grown to be America’s Largest Publisher of State Legal Directories.  

Cost: $25/year (One Mediator or One Area of Practice Listing)
        $99/year (Your Website Link)
        $120/year (Area of Practice Bundle)
        $300/year (Biographical Bundle)

Legal Listings is a comprehensive search directory for the legal industry. It includes Attorneys, local legal resources such as courts, public defenders, as well as process servers, legal document assistants and much more. 

Cost: Free (Basic)
        $45 One Time (Featured)


LegalMatch was established in 1999 as a free, Web-based exchange to help individuals and small businesses make educated decisions when choosing a lawyer. The company is based in San Francisco, CA with offices in Austin, TX, Las Vegas, NV, and Reno, NV and operates in all 50 states.

Cost: Free (Guest pass)
        Premium (Contact to get membership info)

Legal Reach

Legal Reach helps users search and instantly connect with an attorney. The website has a powerful platform that allows attorneys to post their info, publish articles, get reviews and hear directly from leads.

Cost: $60/year (Featured)
        $150 (Lifetime)

Legal Services Link

Legal Services Link is a leading online platform streamlining the process for researching and hiring an attorney, while also helping attorneys develop new clients. 

Cost: $299/year


In 2001, LegalZoom established itself as a tech company dedicated to making legal help accessible to all. With that mission in mind, they launched 10 online services, focusing on estate planning, business formation, and intellectual property protection.

Cost: Contact for details

LexInter Lawyer Directory

Lexinter Law Directory aims to be the leading legal directory that helps people find a lawyer near me. Lexinter has more than fifty lawyers listed with the mission to expand their lawyer listings to hundreds of attorneys that the public can approach.

Cost: $9.99/month (Starter)
        $29.99/month (Premium)
        $99.99/month (Contributor)

Lista Legal

ListaLegal helps Spanish-speakers and low-income people find free legal aid programs in their communities, answers their questions about legal rights and helps them find an attorney.

Cost: $324/year or $30/month


From its start as a simple list, since 1868 Martindale-Hubbell has evolved into a leading global network of over one million lawyers and a portfolio of websites and tools designed to connect lawyers and buyers of legal services.

Cost: Contact for details is dedicated to helping you find the best mediating lawyer for your dispute.

Cost: $9/month (Basic)
        $39/month (Premium)
        $69/month (Featured)


MoreLaw is an Internet legal services and marketing and publishing company. Among other things, MoreLaw collects and publishes information about lawyers, expert witnesses, court reporters and other legal service providers. Publication is free as are basic listings in MoreLaw’s free public access lawyer, expert witness, court report and vendor directories.

Cost: Free (Basic)
        $30/month (Premium Internet Marketing Program) focuses on consumer law and has information on a variety of different practice areas including Bankruptcy, Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, and Social Security Disability. They offer a law firm directory that allows you to browse for an attorney in your area. 

Cost: Free (Basic)
        Premium – Not stated

My Legal Practice

My Legal Practice is an extensive law directory of US law firms and lawyers, founded in 2006. The website helps businesses and individuals find U.S. attorneys and law firms and helps legal professionals gain extra online presentation.

Cost: Free listing (takes up to 12 months to be approved)
        $24.95 $14.95 for unlimited period of time (Express listing)
        $149.95 $99.95/year (Premium listing)


Screenshot of home page. "Legal Help. Simple. Trusted." primary heading. A search bar and image of the scales of justice. Includes business stats and products.

Nolo began publishing do-it-yourself legal guides in 1971 and since its founding, Nolo has evolved with technology, developing do-it-yourself software and building into one of the Internet’s leading legal websites.

Cost: Not stated


The website helps you search lawyers by specialty or location, learn more about them by comparing quotes, reviews, and full profiles of each lawyer and contact them.

Cost: $2/year (Basic)
        $299/year (Premium)


Super Lawyers is a rating service of outstanding lawyers from more than 70 practice areas. This selection process includes independent research, peer nominations and peer evaluations.

Cost: Not stated

The General Bar

The General Bar, a network of insured creditors’ rights attorneys, is the largest in the world, and is supported by the industry leading Chubb insurance policy.

Cost: Not stated

US News (Lawyers)

The U.S. News Lawyer Directory – powered by Best Lawyers®  helps you find a top attorney in any area of practice throughout the United States. 

Cost: $30/month

Personal Injury Lawyers Directories

Accident Personal Injury Lawyers

The Accident Personal Injury Legal Directory is a free service that helps people find personal injury lawyers from across the country who specialize in different types of accidents, such as car accidents or slip-and-fall injuries.

Cost: $250/year (Basic); $750/year (Advanced); $1,500/year (Premium)

Boutique web directory with limited listings per category page. Shares ownership with

Cost: $25/2 months; $99/year


Enjuris is a platform dedicated to helping people who are dealing with life-altering accidents and injuries. Enjuris supports students, families, caregivers and communities with resources, personal stories and a national directory of injury lawyers.

Cost: $39 monthly or $390/year (Basic)
        $69 monthly or $690/year (Member)
        $99 monthly or $925/year (Contributor)
        Custom (Partner)

Find a Car Accident Attorney

The directory was created to help victims and families of victims of auto accidents throughout the U.S. find attorneys who can help with their claims. 

Cost: Not stated

Find a Personal Injury Attorney

The directory helps to find and compare local lawyers who focus on personal injury claims.

Cost: Not stated

Injury Lawyer Directory

Injury Lawyer Directory offers a comprehensive online listing for the top injury lawyers and law agencies that can help you deal with your case. 

Cost: $19.97/year


The site helps find Injury Lawyers in your area. This is a large online directory of attorneys dedicated to helping injured people.

Cost: $10 one time payment

The directory lists personal injury attorneys with their location and contact info.

Cost: $34.99/year

National Academy of Personal Injury Lawyers

The National Academy of Personal Injury Attorneys, established in 2013, equips highly-qualified Personal Injury attorneys with the most current continuing education opportunities and provides the public with the most accurate, up-to-date listings of top ranked attorneys in their states.

PersonalInjuryLaw.Guru is a curated, online directory of personal injury, medical malpractice and workers’ compensation lawyers throughout the United States who have 10 years in practice, 50% or more of their practice dedicated to injury law, and Validation of State Bar license.

Cost: Free (Basic)
        $99/year (Premium)

Medical Practice Lawyers Directories

Find A Medical Practice Attorney is a premiere resource for individuals who are searching for medical malpractice attorneys.

Cost: Not stated

Criminal Defense Lawyers Directories is a resource for criminal defense attorneys and those who need to hire one. offers free information, an attorney directory, a Q&A section and marketing opportunities.

This is a comprehensive directory of America’s top criminal defense attorneys. You can search by your location or legal topic in order to find the right criminal defense law firm in your area. 

Cost: Not stated

Free Directories

Cornell Law School

List of attorneys by practice area, with options to search by state, on Cornell's Legal Information Institute home page.

The Legal Information Institute Lawyer Directory is a partnership with The LII directory is a subset of the Justia directory that includes lawyers who have claimed their profiles by registering with Justia. was developed with the motivation to provide Real Estate and Legal Professionals the ability to network with one another on a County by County basis. Visitors throughout the nation are allowed free access to locate Real Estate and Legal Professionals locally.

Explore Lawyers

The website assists you in finding and comparing lawyers and law firms in your area by clients’ reviews, prices (legal fees), and other parameters. You may search for lawyers by state, city, ratings (based on their previous achievements), as well as by practice area or a particular specialization. is an insider source for real, unfiltered intelligence on law firms around the world. At Judged, attorneys, law students and legal professionals have the chance to rate and discuss law firms with others in the know, anonymously and for free.


Justia is headquartered in Mountain View, CA and has a global operations center in Saltillo, Mexico, as well as offices in San Francisco, San Jose, and Walnut Creek, CA.

Justia provides open and free access to the law, and a platform for the legal community to share their knowledge.


LawDeeDa, a division of Brombal, LLC. LawDeeDa profiles connect you with potential clients and give your law firm more visibility in popular search engines.


The website provides public or private legal advice in minutes from a network of over 8,800 specialized attorneys in all legal areas – from Family Law and Bankruptcy to Criminal and Traffic Law. is an information portal and online community for lawyers, law firms and people seeking legal assistance. The data is drawn and compiled from an array of sources, including the US Department of Labor, U.S. Census Bureau, FBI, and other authorities.

Home page of Lawyrs international law website with a world map and selling points. is an international law community designed for lawyers and law students where they can create their personal profile and add their law firm to the international law firm directory.

Lawyers Attorneys Guide is a resource for individuals and organizations looking for a local lawyer, attorney, law firms, and a variety of finding a law office. 

Lawyers Nearby Me

The directory helps find from thousands of lawyers located across the USA with law firm overview, locations, phone number, fax number, hours, practice area, and name of attorneys.

The mission is to provide affordable legal access to consumers that are in need of high quality legal advice. 

Review Your Attorney

"Find the best attorneys: All review sites combined" header above a search bar. Both elements appears on a man in a suit (a lawyer) in front of a law books in a book case..

ReviewYourAttorney is an attorney directory that was created to help clients better evaluate attorneys when deciding who to hire. ReviewYourAttorney automatically aggregates reviews from the major legal and consumer review sites and makes them available to you in one place. has provided free legal help, legal forms, advice and assistance from attorneys and the community since 1995. This is a legal resource for attorneys, business professionals and the average person to find self help with the law.