We interviewed Jung-inspired psychotherapist David A. Di Sano (disanopsychotherapy.com).

Why might depth therapy help someone going through or dealing with a divorce?

A divorce is an emotionally complex and challenging experience. It is filled with changes, doubts, concerns, as well as new potential energy and opportunity! Taking a psychological approach that strongly values the unconscious to examine not only past emotions and situations but more importantly your current state of consciousness is key to moving forward in a constructive and comprehensive manner. Such a significant transition in life, can feel like an enormous set-back. But with a depth therapy approach, great care and respect are given to the WHOLE of your psyche as we piece together where you are heading with a clearer vision. It’s not quick but it’s thorough and it honors ALL of you.

How can people contact you?

My practice is based in both Los Angeles and Orange County (Costa Mesa, near Newport Beach). Contact me via a web form at one of the links above or by phone: (714) 406-0078.