Idaho Foster Care and Adoption

Adoption in Idaho

Foster and/or adoptive parents may qualify in Idaho if they:

  • Are 21 years of age or older;
  • For adoption only: while there is no upper age limit, most agencies prefer that there be no more than forty years between the age of the parents and the age of the child;
  • Have a stable source of income suitable to support the family;
  • Have adequate space in their house or apartment to provide a safe environment for the child;
  • Can pass a physical examination (You don’t have to be in perfect physical condition to qualify; blindness, deafness or other physical disabilities will not disqualify you as a prospective adoptive parent); and
  • Learn about fostering or adopting. The Idaho Department of Health & Welfare’s program provides PRIDE classes for families becoming licensed for foster care and adoption while private agencies and Certified Adoption Professionals (CAPs) have their own  educational requirements.

They must also have a homestudy completed and should immediately call their social services office to schedule a fingerprint and background application. This process may take more than six weeks depending on the age and needs of the child to adopt. 

Foster Care in Idaho

Currently, there are approximately 1350 children in Idaho foster care system, from very young children to teenagers.  Some need temporary foster homes and are eventually able to return to their birth families, while others need permanent homes through adoption.

Becoming a foster parent in Idaho includes six steps: Contact, Initial Orientation Meeting, Application Process, Foster/Adoption Training, Dual Assessment and Home Study and finally Licensing and Approval.

Upon receiving a request, an experienced foster or adoptive parent–also known as a Recruiter Peer Mentor (RPM)–and/or social worker will contact the applicant to provide all the essential information before proceeding to the next step of the journey.

During the Initial Orientation Informational Meeting the applicants will understand the process and challenges of becoming a foster parent. During the next step the foster/adoptive parent application is completed and submitted before registering for the PRIDE Pre-Service training, which is a 27-hour pre-service training for potential foster and foster/adoptive parents to provide them with the knowledge and skills they need to make an informed decision about fostering and/or adopting.

During the Dual Assessment and Home Study, a social worker will meet the applicants in their home to talk about their personal history, family relationships, and reasons for wanting to foster and/or adopt, and the supports they have available

If the prospective foster parents are approved and choose to participate, they’ll be ready to proceed to the placement.

Below you can find names, summaries, and contact information for agencies providing adoption and foster care services and helpful information.

A New Beginning

ANB is a licensed, non-profit adoption agency that provides services to adoptive families and birth moms

They offer the Infant Waiting Program for  families hoping to adopt an infant in their local program, Foster Adopt Program for for families hoping to adopt through the United States Foster Program, and International Adoption program. 

8660 W. Emerald, Ste. 142
Boise, ID 83704
Phone: 208-939-3865


PATH, Inc.

PATH is a private non-profit organization that provides treatment foster care and child and family services. PATH began in Minnesota in response to a need for stronger support and training for foster parents and social workers who work with youth in foster care and expanded into new geographic areas and new services. Over the years, PATH grew into a multi-state agency, providing adoption, counseling and family-based treatment, in addition to foster care. 

Idaho Treatment Foster Care (TFC) involves intensive services utilizing highly trained foster parents providing care for children with psychiatric conditions involving severe emotional and behavioral problems. Treatment Foster Care is designed to match the intensity and demands of each child with a foster family highly trained and supported to work with that youth, their family, and the child and family team leading their intervention and services. 

9167 W. State Street
Garden City, ID 83714

Idaho Falls
1750 E. 17th St, Lower Level
Idaho Falls, ID 83404

Twin Falls
475 Polk Street, Suite 2
Twin Falls, ID 83301

Phone: 800-948-4830