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Child Support
“Child support payments are generally applied toward the child’s actual expenses, such as food, clothing, and other needs. However, applying 100% of the child support…”

Child Custody Attorney
“I help parties figure out what the appropriate amount of child support should be given the income of the parties, the timeshare with the child, and the necessary and proper deductions…In some cases limiting a parent’s time with a child is what is best for the child and sometimes increasing a parent’s time with a child is what is best for the child.  I help clients get a court order for custody that works best for them and their child.”

Child custody lawyer services.

How alimony works in Los Angeles, California.

How is Child Support Calculated
“The court will determine the amount of child support by using guidelines established by the California Family Code (sections 4050 and thereafter). First, the court must determine the parent’s “net disposable income…”

How does divorce work in California?

Los Angeles divorce lawyers service page.

How an Order to Show Cause works in Los Angeles.

Compassion can save your marriage.

Preparing for a child custody dispute with your child’s parent.

Child Support Modification
The parties typically requesting a child support modification are parents, but other parties can petition for a change as well. A custodial parent (CP), noncustodial parent (NCP), or caregiver…

Steps for Stepparent Adoption
‘The idea or stigma of not being a child’s “real parent” can be hard for stepparents, especially those who give their full love and effort to parenting. Though you may take responsibility for and provide…

How to Adopt an Adult
In order to proceed with an adult adoption in California, the petitioners must submit the following documents to the court: 1) a Petition, 2) Adoption Agreement, and 3) Order of Adoption. The Petition sets forth certain facts…

Gay or Lesbian Adoptive or Foster Parent

Support Services

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California Adoption and Foster Care
Foster housing is, ideally, a temporary solution until children can return to their homes. Foster parents must be 25 years or older, have access to reliable transportation, demonstrate…